Buchempfehlung Songjiang

Songjiang – The Cradle of Shanghai (englischsprachiger Titel)

Johannes Voit
Eigenverlag (2020)
144 Seiten, 9,99 €

Der Autor über das Buch

When you are in Shanghai, visit Songjiang! Songjiang is terra incognita for most people living outside Shanghai, and even for many Shanghainese. However, it is the cradle of the global metropolis Shanghai, and of Shanghai Culture. Today a city and a southwestern district of Shanghai, Songjiang was populated more than five thousand years ago when the area of modern-day Shanghai still was covered by water. Songjiang combines the old and the new: the Sutra Stele is the oldest object above the surface of the earth in the greater Shanghai area, and the spectacular Guangfulin Ancient Relics Site opened in Songjiang in 2018 is the latest addition to Shanghai visitors’ must-see list. The Guangfulin Culture Museaum traces more than five thousand years of history of Songjiang and Shanghai in an awesome, tent-like building rising from the waters of an artificial lake.This book describes both the rich cultural heritage of Songjiang which can be visited today, like Zuibaichi and Fangta Parks, Dacang Bridge, Xilin and Dong Yue Temples, the Sutra Stele and the Mosque, and many of the modern additions such as the InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland Hotel, the Guangfulin Relics Park, the Film Park, and many more. Most importantly, it provides detailed descriptions of how to get there by public transport.

Vortrag von Johannes Voit am 28.03.2021